restaurant launch pr
If you’re opening a new restaurant, bar, venue or entertainment space, you’ll have lots of balls to juggle – interior design, fixtures and fittings, recruitment, menus, insurance, and that’s just naming a few. Sometimes the actual promotion of the opening can end up being pushed backwards, but really, without the […]

How to launch a new venue with a bang

influencer marketing top tips
Influencer marketing is a hot topic at the moment – are you doing it? If you are, are you doing it correctly? And if you’re not doing it, why not? After all many bloggers and influencers these days have as big a reach as traditional media, plus you’re able to […]

Top tips for working with influencers

Gabby Miller Cool As
    Occasionally we get approached to talk about the Cool As business and how it all started. Lovely blogger Sarah Jayne Potter recently got in touch to ask Gabby to take part in her #BossBabe interview series, focused on female entrepreneurs and she obviously said yes! You can read […]


perfect press event
At Cool As Publicity we regularly pull together launch and press events for our clients. From inviting the right guests and choosing a suitable venue to securing the best coverage, there are a number of things to consider when organising your press event. When Fresh Business Thinking got in touch […]

How to pull off the perfect press event

casanova prosecco swarovski
Here at Cool As Publicity we can certainly spot a special product and we were intrigued the moment we set our eyes on the bottles of Casanova Prosecco. Not content with producing the finest Prosecco to taste through their traditional Italian methods, Casanova has also invested significant time and creativity […]

Featured client: Casanova Prosecco