Featured client: Casanova Prosecco

casanova prosecco swarovski

Here at Cool As Publicity we can certainly spot a special product and we were intrigued the moment we set our eyes on the bottles of Casanova Prosecco. Not content with producing the finest Prosecco to taste through their traditional Italian methods, Casanova has also invested significant time and creativity into ensuring that their stunning bottles match the contents in terms of luxury and elegance. So much so that they’ve recently launched the world’s most expensive bottle of Prosecco through their partnership with Swarovski to produce crystal encrusted bottles.

Prosecco has never been so popular amongst drinkers at home, at events or when dining out and they’re taking this trend to the next level, demonstrating their passion to produce not just a sparkling wine, but a true work of art.

Bursting with passion and taking great inspiration from their namesake, Casanova, one of history’s greatest lovers binding true Italian flair and romance, it’s no surprise this sparkling wine has already established itself as a favourite among the world’s social elite. Raising the bar across the Prosecco market, Casanova joined their leading producers with exceptional design professionals to create a truly stunning product. The bottles themselves provide an additional touch of opulence with each bottle adorned by a luxurious velvet crest of Casanova’s striking logo and a further layer of golden ornamentation. The bottle’s velvet encasement is entirely waterproof so that you are able to enjoy its beauty and elegance long after the contents has been enjoyed.

casanova prosecco swarovski
For those seeking to add style to an occasion, Casanova produce The White Collection with their exceptionally designed all white and pink bottles, which come presented in a matching white jacket to further add to the elegant appearance. The striking presentation makes it a perfect choice for weddings, engagement parties, summer events, or any special occasion that requires a touch of class and romance that’s sure to impress.

casanova prosecco white collection
Now, through joining forces with one of the world leaders in cut crystal, Swarovski, Casanova will offer an ultra luxury range of limited edition dazzling Swarovski encrusted bottles each complete with their own unique production number. Visually stunning, the Swarovski bottles come in 0.75 cl and a 1.5 cl Magnum. Each bottle is carefully hand made with an incredible 3,370 individual crystals (0.75cl bottle) and 6,145 crystals on the magnum bottle.  They are available exclusively on the menu at Novikov or online from www.proseccocasanova.com. With each bottle available for personalization it offers the perfect unique and luxury gift. Unavailable anywhere else, Casanova have patented the rights to Swarovski on any sparkling wine bottles (including Champagne) making them the most expensive bottle of Prosecco in the world and a truly exceptional purchase

Casanova Prosecco is available in selected venues, which include The Ritz Carlton, Mews of Mayfair, Library Members Club, Sanctum Hotel and Le Petit Sud (cheese and wine) bar housed within Baglioni Hotel.

Casanova Bottles can also be purchased online from the Casanova Prosecco website www.proseccocasanova.com priced from £11 to £19.

The limited edition Swarovski bottles are currently only sold in Novikov and or directly from Prosecco Casanova with personalization options priced from £1290.

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